Friday, December 30, 2011

German winters

Well, I have kind of failed at my goal that I set in my last post. I didn't realize how busy I would actually be when I got to Germany. So, I will catch you up!
 Finished my time up there with a great Christmas celebration with the family. Went to the beach Christmas eve and did what I love, laid in the sun (I only got a little burnt and we found a baby octopus). I finished my book, which I would like to give a small review on at the end of this post. We then opened presents when we got home. We went to bed late, slept in and then lazed around all Christmas day! Yeah! Then I got ready and headed out on the 26th. I got a killer headache on the flight to Germany so I slept the entire 8 hour flight. (that's never happened).
 I made Germany blue because it's so cold, especially after coming from FL. Well my brother, Lane, was in the hospital when I got here. For those of you who don't know he has T-All Leukemia. He was finishing up his last high risk block, but there was some sickness so he was still there when I arrived. It was a shock really seeing him because he's changed A LOT from the last time I saw him. However, I have gotten to experience how German medicine works. They really care about the patient, and they take all the time they need in the world, and it's so different from the way Americans roll. He got great news the second day that I was here, all the bad cells were gone, AND he was ready for transplant. They took a day to discuss it, but he will be getting the stem-cell transplant. The whole preliminary process has already began, and he will be hospitalized to make sure he is clear and healthy, starting on Jan. 7th. His transplant will start be on Jan 17th. I am leaving on the 10th, so I will still be here for a little bit of the process. After the transplant he will be in the hospital for 5 weeks, and then he will be in the 100 days to being cured. I've learned a lot about the process, and I have met some really tough little kids.  Lane is soon to be 9, but we had a conversation today and I swear he's like 14 now. He's a tough cookie, and he's always quick with a joke. I'm excited for the transplant because it's been a long 5 months for them. He wasn't home for any holidays from Halloween on, but he gets to celebrate New Years Eve (Sylvester as the Germans say) at home. So we are going to set off fire works and eat great food. Hopefully I will have some pictures.

So, that's where I'm at on the Xmas trek right now. There will be more for sure because I know some more is going to happen. I hope after Erfurt and New Years I will do the picture blog I was talking about. For those of you readers, I am going to give a very short review of Delirium that I finished in Florida, and I will post a picture of the cute little guy we found at the beach. Have a great New Years!

I like to call him Fred because he just looks the type. He's cute in his own little way!

Delirium: Lauren Oliver
It's a book that is the start of a trilogy. It's of a futurist distopia were people in the United States believe that love is a disease. It's written in first person, so you hear all of the girls thoughts. It's a choice that isn't used very often, but I think it works, and it's interesting in this book. I think the progression of the book is really led by this format. The book jumps right into what is going on in the world at this time. It explains how Love is a disease and what is done to fix it now days. Oliver takes you on a very emotional journey throughout the book. There is love, betrayal, adventure and murder - really the whole 9 yards if you will. I think this is a great, quick read. It's for the teen audience, but I am never opposed to reading teen books. If you liked the Hunger Game series you will for sure like this one. (And if you haven't read the Hunger Games I suggest you do because it's awesome) The second book in the Delirium Trilogy: Pandemonium will be released Feb. 2012.

(I told you the review would be short, and I would like to start doing some short reviews on the books that I read. The next will be The Help. I know they're not real reviews, but it's just to share the books I read with you.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Florida Winter

I know I haven't blogged in a long time, but one of my goals was to blog while I am on my Xmas-trek (as I've named it). I arrived in Tampa yesterday, and I am at my mother's home until the 26. On the 26 I will be heading to Germany.
On the way here I got the pleasure of sitting by a woman who drank 5 bottles of Vodka and a man from Englad who acted like Economy class was the worst thing he had ever seen. I think airplanes and airports are always fun. I think it's fun for me because I get to people watch. I know, it's kind of creepy, but it's a simple joy in life. I think people are so interesting, and I probably would take pictures of them if that wasn't, what I would assume to be, boarderline illegal. (But sometimes I even write small stories about their lives from just watching them). Either way, I made it, and I am pumped to be here because Christmas on the beach- I'm all for it.
I start the Florida Fun tonight with a beach trip for my younger brother's b-day. It's really blowing my mind, they even are still watering the grass here! It's the middle of December! Well, I just wanted to give the heads up of my goal. I will proabably do a picture blog because I have wanted to do one of those for a long time! Well have a great day! Hope you're staying warm!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing is Caring!

I just wanted to share some links that I have been enjoying:

Bye Bye American Dream:

Facial Hair Joy:

Manchester Orchestra:

You're not a photog:


These few things have brought some joy and thought to my life. I figured I would share :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

International Love

I have a dear Nepali friend that will be leaving in one week. I had my last dinner with him tonight, it was one of those bitter sweet moments. Once again he showed me how to cook lovely food, but I knew this would be the last time. I've learned it's the one thing I hate about international ministry, saying goodbye. I always am hopeful that I will get to see them once again, in their home country. I guess it really made me a little sad because I have known him for 2 years, and we have talked about Jesus countless time, but he still doesn't believe. I go over and I see the daily sacrifices to the gods, and it makes me sad inside. However, a wise friend told me, in the midst of being sad that he's leaving the way he came, I have either laid on Christ's foundation that he's already used someone else to build or have began a new one. It gave me hope because I want him to know Jesus in a passionate way.
As I said in my earlier post people become near and dear to my heart quickly, and the internationals have a certain way of wiggling in. I pray his time in Cape will have a lasting impact, and I hope there's a Nepali male who loves Jesus that will enter his life, and one day I can rejoice in him knowing the Lord.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Compelled By Love

In preparing to go to El Salvador (which I'm half way there financially! Praise Jesus) our team is reading Compelled by Love. As I was reading it I read a scripture that I think really sums up a lot of my ministry. It was one of those ah hah! moments, where I knew I had read the scripture before, but for the first time it hit me. 1 Thessalonians 2.8  "We cared so much for you that we were please to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us" (HCSB) God has blessed me with a soft, large heart. I get attached to the people I serve: guys at the radio station, internationals, friends, etc. This time of year is hard for me because people leave: internationals go back to their homelands and people I have grown with graduate. It's a fact of life, I know, but it still is one of those things I hate just a little when I have to say the goodbye. Last night it hit me. It's because those people are dear to me. If they don't know the Lord I spend time praying they would, I spend time serving them and trying to show practical love: they are dear in my heart. People who know the Lord, I serve and get encouraged by them and their ministries: they are dear in my heart. I want to be compelled by love in the areas of my life and have people become dear to me, even if I have to say goodbye.
The scripture reminded me of a wonderful person I've gotten to know for the last few years, and I have even gotten to share a house with her. I had to "say goodbye" she moved out and graduated, but I'm reminded of the beginning of our relationship. We had known each other for about a month, and I felt like I was really friends with the people that I was getting to know. One night before leaving I said "I love you guys, goodnight" This friend was standing up close to me, so I hugged her and she was stiff. I thought it was weird but went on. Later on in our friendship, she told me that night had freaked her out. She said it was because I professed to a room of people that I loved them. (hugging heralso  freaked her out too because at the moment I did not know she wasn't the biggest on the huggy hugs) She said she had thought I had to be some kind of hippyish person, a granola as they call christian hippies. I laughed, but she told me that, that moment had changed her look of me forever because from that day on she saw that I had lived out what I had said. Man, if that's not a warning to really make sure your life lines up with what you say, I don't know what else is.
I want to be compelled by love. I want to be comfortable around those who don't believe the same things I do or who live a different life. I want them to become dear to me because I believe they are dear to the Lord, and that is hard because there are days I'm not compelled by love. I don't want to merely pretend to be an offering.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pet Squirrel

Well I just figured I would share this with you because it may bring you some joy. I think people look at me rather funny when I admit this to them, some people even give me dirty looks and say "how could you?" However, I was thinking about it on my way home, and I wanted to share. The thought started with a squirrel. I have wanted a pet squirrel for some time, not because I think they are cool or cute (even though they are a little), but it is because I want to squeeze it. I picture my pet squirrel about 25 pounds and hardly being able to move. He's so obese you can hardly see him legs. That's what gets people, the obese animal part. I believe animals should be morbidly obese! Dogs, cats, squirrels, hamsters, fill in the blank, and when I see them I see obese! I told a friend the other day if I had a cat I would want it to be about 45 pounds and as big as a couch cushion. Jump on the judge train if you must, I am ok with that. I don't believe animals have rights, so I can say with a clear conscious that they should be so fat that they can't move, and then I can get full enjoyment out of squeezing them. I thought my thought pattern may bring a little smile, if not that's ok too.  

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seeking to live

This morning I was reading Amos 5 and three verses jumped out at me. "Seek Me so that you may live" "Seek God so that you may live" "Seek good and not evil so that you may live" What wonderful verses! I read the blog of a Japense Baptist minister that lives in Fukusima near the plant that is causing Nuclear waste to spill out. He and his congregation are seeking so that they may live, and they are challenging other Japanese people who don't know the Lord to seek so they may truly live. (link to his Blog, it will come up in Japanese, but hit English in the middle of the page and it will translate)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Well while doing this dishes I was pondering God and His greatness. I always seem to do this over the dishes, which is interesting because I hate dishes. However, I was and I was praying over something that may happen tonight. To me it's very exciting, last week when it happened a had a small party with myself and God, we danced, ate dinner, sang, you know God celebration stuff. I've been praying about it throughout the week, patiently awaiting its arrival. Now, it's almost here, and I'm a little nervous. What in the heck is going to happen you ask? I'll tell you, a stranger might come to our bible study! There we were reading John, and in the middle of chapter 5 I hear "excuse me." I didn't think it was for me, so I kept reading. However, out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl walking toward me. I looked up, and she asked if this was exclusive. It had never happened before, so in the midst of my amazement I just looked at her, but quickly snapped out of it and said of course not anyone is welcome. She smiled and said she would be back this week because she was on her way to meet someone at the moment. I was so excited, I could hardly teach the rest of the bible study. So, I got on facebook, added her and then sent her a little wall message inviting her to the bible study. Oh I was so excited, I guess most of the people only saw me being shocked, but I was excited. I guess it really shocked me because it's something you pray for and when it happens you realize you didn't really think it was going to happen. So, there I was pondering God's greatness and my lack of faith over disgusting dishes.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Humbling a Soft Heart

I have been attending a missions conference out in Millersville. I have gone for 3 years, and I continue to love it more. I guess it's because I learn a lot, and meet wonderful missionary people. It's great to hear their testimonies about the cultures they are living in, struggles, success etc. This weekend I had to opportunity to meet a family that has resided in Russia for the last 3 years. I have been blessed by their stories, and it makes me even more excited to get onto the mission field full time! I was really humbled by the oldest child they have in their family last night. She's only 12, but she got in front of people who were about the same age as her and shared her testimony. Nervousness was clearly present, but in the midst of that nervousness she said a statement that reminded me why I believe everyone I come in contact with is a teacher. She said, "I feel blessed to be in Russia and be a missionary." She went on to tell stories about her friends that she's made and the sewing class she's in. I really stopped listening for a while, I just couldn't get past what she said. There was no well my parents brought  us to Russia, my parents job in Russia, but she made it clear they were there. She described how she has to share with her friend because she can't come right out and tell them the gospel. I really checked out there. Sitting in my own little world, remembering that no matter where we are in life God will use us as He pleases. I'm always amazed by His glory. One day, if the Lord wills me into full time missions, I pray I'm half the witness that she is. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 ways to make your kids hate church

As I'm sitting waiting for one of the exit exams I was browsing the blogs that I happen to follow. I found this, and I thought it was interesting. It's from a blog called Challies, and he got it somewhere else, so I just didn't want to take credit for it. I thought it was interesting because a lot of preachers lately have hit on these five points, thought you might want to check them out.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bright Life

Well, I figured I would take the time to write a little bit about the mission trip that I went on recently with a wonderful group of people "Yes Mam!" (if you weren't on the trip you won't get that, sorry). Well we went to Princeton, Kentucky to a place called Bright Life Farms. Here it's a place where people with mental handy-caps can live in a family environment and pretty much live on their own. While there we painted an entire house, it was a job and a half (pictures will be at the bottom). We also washed the 15 passenger vans so they could get their new decals on the sides of them, to show who they were. This was one activity we did with the residents of the farm. We also did a craft, played bingo and had a bonfireish night. Bingo was hilarious, they loved it. And the night we were supposed to do the bonfire it was super windy, so we just did hot dogs on the stove and smores in the microwave! Yeah crafty BSU people! It was a really wonderful experience. One of the most humbling things while we were there is that they wanted to love on us so much. Their hearts were geared to serving us, but we were the ones on a "mission trip." I think it's interesting how God reveals himself in times like that, it never ceases to amaze me. I also enjoyed getting to know people better. We had some new people come with us on the trip, and it was wonderful. I learned about their lives and really got to see their "crazy" side. Quiet people are always the most interesting :) But all in all it was wonderful, I was thoroughly blessed and would love to go back sometime!
Spring break is unfortunately over, and I think I'm back to the business of school. I love spring break but hate it all the same. It's this little week of breathing room in the semester, but it also throws me off the school groove. However, Mass Com law slapped me right off the spring break train on Monday, and I have been trying to recover ever since. Well I guess that's really all I have, just wanted to give a little update. Hope you are watching some basketball here in March Madness, there are some wonderful upsets! And a public reminder, don't flush your phone down the toilet, it's bad for its health!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Glory in Forgiveness

In the midst of the great weather this just made me remember!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Practical prayer not so practical

Well, I was thinking, in the midst of not studying, about prayer. I'm not going to tell you my train of thought because you would get very lost. However, I was thinking about praying in front of people and that let to embarrassing things you say in prayers that is something you would say to God on a regular basis but in front of people they will judge you. Well if you know me then I really don't care, so I will say whatever I really want. But, I was thinking about a time that I remember praying and doing my thing and people jumped on the judge wagon. Thought I would share and ask if you can share some of the same stories. I was praying in front of a group of people at Fruitland Community Church. We had just gotten done talking about the Indian Subcontinent, and we ate their food, talked about their religion (mostly Hindu but some Muslims-remember the Hindu for the end of the story it will make it funnier). So I get up there to start this time of prayer that we wanted to have for the subcontinent. I started the prayer how I often start prayers when I get excited. I said "Holy cow God, you are so awesome." Immediately that sent people into laughter, some into gasps of what seemed to be horror and others eyes fly to open position. I will forever remember that day. Not that I have stopped saying that or that I ever will, I was just reminiscing on the time. Do you have a time like this?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Interesting Video

Are you typical?

Evie blessings

I went to church yesterday, a usual on my Sunday mornings. I had gone to my hometown of good old Festus MO this weekend, where I spent all day Saturday sick as a dang dog, so I went to my home church. Well I decided to go to Sunday School with my Nana (I had left my car and ridden with a friend- having a car is pretty inconvenient). The women in her class are all in their 50s and above, so of course I felt a little out of place. I also felt a little liberal per-say in some of my beliefs compared to theirs. They began talking about missions, which if a brick wall will listen to me I'll talk about missions all day. They then asked my take on the whole missions, giving and missional support topic. So, I told them, and we had a wonderful discussion. Afterward one of the ladies in her class came up to me and asked me what my address was. After giving her my address she said she wanted to begin supporting me monthly. It's one of those amazing moments when God affirms something in your life that you've been praying about. For the first 2 years of college I knew I was supposed to go anywhere, which at certain times bummed me out. However, God opened the door for me to go to Canada and is opening the door for El Salvador as well. I am also going to apply for the journeyman program. I just think it's amazing the plan that is set in front of us, and we often overlook or get too scared to accomplish it. I was really just kind of blown away by God and how he just let me see that this was really him saying yes. My heart is so passionately on fire for the international people, and I can't wait to go. I just thought it was awesome. So, I guess if you are looking for an answer to something, keep praying and seeking God because maybe the answer will come in the package of a 5' 2'' woman named Evie.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When America and school clash!

Well, I thought if you haven't read the case you should here is the link to it,
This is the Westboro court case ruling. We talked about in in my mass communication class because they fought on ground of freedom of speech. And since it's religious and political speech it's the highest on the list. You can find more of the court case like the dissenting and majority opinions. In an 8-1 majority rule they agreed with Westboro. I thought it was interesting to read about. I agree with the dissenting opinion for sure.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meticulous March Madness

Well to start off, I would usually be listening to some wonderful music while typing this; however, my computer has decided to blow up and say all sound is no longer working. Great, so no great song quotes today, not that I have given you any in the past, but I was thinking tonight was the night, and since Shakespeare's "Get thee to a nunnery" and "I hate you with the passion of 1000 burning suns" won't fit in within this you're out of luck on the meticulous quoting. Well, I made cheesecake after craving it for about a week. No, it wasn't made with love and care from the own sweat of my brow. It was the $1.70 box that you buy at the store. Which, when you have been craving it for a week is more than wonderful. I am pretty sure I danced around a little after my first bite. So, I have 2 weeks until spring break, and I can tell it's coming. This is because all of my professors realized at the same time. They realized that up until this point they have been too lax on their homework, test and note taking; therefore, they decided to dump it on like a pile of steaming crap! Oh yes, it is March Madness alright not only basketball (where by the way, my favorite team Tennessee-represent- isn't doing all that great) but also at good old SEMO. I am assuming it's like that at all the universities, but I am just feeling the pains here. However, I will survive. I counted today and realized next week I have a total of 5 exams. Yes, that is all of my classes but 1. But I will press on, and press on I must (oh that is from a book HA I snuck a quote in there like it or not!)
I went to a conference over the weekend, where of course I didn't fail to make a fool of myself in videos that we made in the hotel room. Falling off the bed, acting like an animal, all the above. If you are really dying to see them now that I have planted that seed into your head their on Facebook, thanks to my friend Macy. However, I did learn some wonderful things at the conference. It was specifically for leadership. So, some of the BSU leadership team went. Steve Sacconne (who is on podcast at Mosaic if you are into podcast check him out) spoke and he was wonderful. He wrote a book called relational intelligence. It's on my list of Jesus books for the summer, and I hope I get to it. He talked all about relationships and what really helps and hurts them. I think there were 3 things that really stuck out to me. 1. As Christians we often let our humanities get in the way. This is when we really see the barriers in our live. I'm not saying personal barriers, but more of cultural. For example die hard America lovers sometimes see other cultures as less than us, so it can get in the way of loving them. Christ didn't let this happen. 2. All people are looking for one of three things or sometimes all of these three: meaning, intimacy and destiny. This is where the gospel relates to certain people. For me I really realized that meaning is where I related. I think I can see myself in the others as well, but I was really looking for meaning before I came to know Jesus. 3. Discipleship isn't always formal, but it is intentional. I think this one is awesome because I have people in my life I am pouring into. Never before have I seen that as discipleship. I realized it's more than just walking through the bible with someone, or doing "christian" stuff, rather it's living life with them, loving them. Those were the three things that have really been hard on my heart since the conference. It was wonderful.
I may be going to El Salvador this summer. It would be the beginning of my internship with Fruirland. I'm pretty sure it's an all clear. Now, I just need to raise the money. :) God will provide, he always does. Well, I am going to go continue the march madness by studying some Mass Com Law. Oh the joys copyright laws bring to my life (laced with sarcasm). Tennessee plays on the Thursday night, hopefully they can get the big W! Have a wonderful night!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Simply Dreadful :)

Well, the dreads went in and they came out... It was an awful bummer. My great troops, Macy Ellsworth and Hannah Newell and Amy Ahrens fought through to the end to help me put them in. But the little guys slowly began the process of falling out. 1 hair at a time. There were strings of hair on the bottom layers and loose hair on the top. So, they came out :( And I was determined to not give up. However, I looked around to a lot of salons and found a few in Cape that specialize in dreadlocks. The problem is the prices rage from 180-600. And for those of you who know me, I find paying a lot of money for something like that is frivolous and foolish. (alliteration, I love it!) So, as of last night at 1130 my dread journey may have come to an end. My mother is probably manically laughing, singing the I told you so song but that's ok. You win some you lose some.
Well enough of that. School is beginning to get hectic. I have a lot of tests, and that is mostly what I have been doing all weekend. Tests, studying for tests and procrastinating on reading for tests. Yeah, yeah I know. It's horrible to procrastinate, but I honestly forgot about the chapter. Then I decided since it was Sunday and I had already forgotten up until then, there was no reason to study. It's ok though that's all I will be doing tonight....This weekend was productive though, I signed up for all my scholarships and FAFSA, which isn't due until March 1, and I am usually filling it out 2 days before. Well, my bible study is awaiting me, as is getting ready and doing something today. I will post a few pictures here of what the hair did look like. Have a wonderful day, enjoy the weather!
Oh and if you get a  chance listen to one of my new favorite songs: "This is the Stuff" Francesca Battisteli

Before the wax was put in

Starting, one side is done as is the back.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Radio Fun

Here I am, sitting at Rage 1037 (if you don't tune in an listen 9-12 sundays you should of at and I figured I would post. My family is listening tonight and my brother has officially decided that I am famous. :) He heard me on the station over the internet and couldn't believe it. It brings great joy to me that he thinks that. I may have not ever been cool in his eyes but I am now! Well today was kind of a big day, I ordered the stuff to put in my dreads. Im doing it and not looking back! But that wasn't the only thing. The Super Bowl! Packers won which was great but what really rocked my mind was the half tim show when Usher (who I have loved for years) came down from the dang ceiling! I screamed as did a friend of mine so I wasn't alone. We jumped up and down too it was pure joy! I am so glad he is coming back on the seen. Well any way a friend of mine Macy Ellsworth is beginning a process of going to Africa. I am so pumped for her, it reminds me of the first time I went to China. She starting to raise support and get all of her applications in. I hope that I will be able to go through the same process sometime in the near future. Only 3 more semesters and then I will be donw with college, and I am hoping God allows me to go for a journeyman or something. But I don't know for sure; I guess I will have to wait and see . I really have nothing else to say. Have a wonderful night, day or afternoon...whenever this catches you!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bad hair day

Well, this morning I was blow drying my hair, and I realized something. My parents cursed me. I think secretly they wanted an 80s child. My hair grows at an alarming rate sometimes. Especially when I am blow drying it. I could have took the 80s by the horns and rocked it. However, this is not the 80s and my hair being so big I can hardly make it out of the door is not cool. However, maybe I won't have to worry about that soon. :) Oh yes mom if you are reading this hold on to the desk because remember dreds? I am seriously thinking about them. I think they are so beautiful and yes I am looking at my hair right now and thinking would I miss it how it is? But either way I have wanted dreds for a while and I think it's about time! Moving on. I have been reading Hosea lately (because I decided to take a journey through the minor prophets) and I have been learning a good amount. First, everyone says that he married a prostitute. However, I'm not so sure after studying. She was supposed to be the example of Isreal (if I were her I would have not been too happy). So, like Isreal, she was good at the beginning, follwed Hosea and had children. It wasn't until later that she went off and becam a craze! And then after that Hosea was told by God to take her back.... Just like God took good old Isreal back. Through the last few weeks though reading John, 1Cor, and now Hosea it's just so evident to me that's how we are with God. Sometimes I feel like Isreal. I think my journey with the prophets will be good. Sometimes it's hard and a little embarrassing (like today when my truck Bucky died and my friends had to push me through walmart parking lot) but it's so worth it. I look at Hosea and see how he faithfully followed the Lord, prostitute and all but he never looked back. I want to be like that. Life of singleness, life of missions, trials, bad hair days and doesn't matter.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Numero Uno

Well, I had a differnt blog but something happened, it blew up so here I am again. Starting a new one. College life = no life really. Studying is my life. And now that I am taking a Mass Com law class that sucks away most of the time I could spend doing other things... :) Well I have a few goals on this blog. 1. actually allow my family to keep up on my life (dad and mom that's to you mostly) 2. give random recipes from the cook books that I am trying out. 3. Try to keep up with this because I think it would be beneficial, being a journalism major they say this is good to do. Well, right now I am going to study the culture of the deaf, which in my creepy prof. language means learning about the anatomy of the ear. Either way, I have to study it. Then probably will look at Mass Com law do a forum and feel a little overwhelmed, but hey I am working my butt off for the good grade in that class. Well here I go, productivity! Bye