Monday, February 14, 2011

Simply Dreadful :)

Well, the dreads went in and they came out... It was an awful bummer. My great troops, Macy Ellsworth and Hannah Newell and Amy Ahrens fought through to the end to help me put them in. But the little guys slowly began the process of falling out. 1 hair at a time. There were strings of hair on the bottom layers and loose hair on the top. So, they came out :( And I was determined to not give up. However, I looked around to a lot of salons and found a few in Cape that specialize in dreadlocks. The problem is the prices rage from 180-600. And for those of you who know me, I find paying a lot of money for something like that is frivolous and foolish. (alliteration, I love it!) So, as of last night at 1130 my dread journey may have come to an end. My mother is probably manically laughing, singing the I told you so song but that's ok. You win some you lose some.
Well enough of that. School is beginning to get hectic. I have a lot of tests, and that is mostly what I have been doing all weekend. Tests, studying for tests and procrastinating on reading for tests. Yeah, yeah I know. It's horrible to procrastinate, but I honestly forgot about the chapter. Then I decided since it was Sunday and I had already forgotten up until then, there was no reason to study. It's ok though that's all I will be doing tonight....This weekend was productive though, I signed up for all my scholarships and FAFSA, which isn't due until March 1, and I am usually filling it out 2 days before. Well, my bible study is awaiting me, as is getting ready and doing something today. I will post a few pictures here of what the hair did look like. Have a wonderful day, enjoy the weather!
Oh and if you get a  chance listen to one of my new favorite songs: "This is the Stuff" Francesca Battisteli

Before the wax was put in

Starting, one side is done as is the back.

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