Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pet Squirrel

Well I just figured I would share this with you because it may bring you some joy. I think people look at me rather funny when I admit this to them, some people even give me dirty looks and say "how could you?" However, I was thinking about it on my way home, and I wanted to share. The thought started with a squirrel. I have wanted a pet squirrel for some time, not because I think they are cool or cute (even though they are a little), but it is because I want to squeeze it. I picture my pet squirrel about 25 pounds and hardly being able to move. He's so obese you can hardly see him legs. That's what gets people, the obese animal part. I believe animals should be morbidly obese! Dogs, cats, squirrels, hamsters, fill in the blank, and when I see them I see obese! I told a friend the other day if I had a cat I would want it to be about 45 pounds and as big as a couch cushion. Jump on the judge train if you must, I am ok with that. I don't believe animals have rights, so I can say with a clear conscious that they should be so fat that they can't move, and then I can get full enjoyment out of squeezing them. I thought my thought pattern may bring a little smile, if not that's ok too.  

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