Friday, March 25, 2011

Bright Life

Well, I figured I would take the time to write a little bit about the mission trip that I went on recently with a wonderful group of people "Yes Mam!" (if you weren't on the trip you won't get that, sorry). Well we went to Princeton, Kentucky to a place called Bright Life Farms. Here it's a place where people with mental handy-caps can live in a family environment and pretty much live on their own. While there we painted an entire house, it was a job and a half (pictures will be at the bottom). We also washed the 15 passenger vans so they could get their new decals on the sides of them, to show who they were. This was one activity we did with the residents of the farm. We also did a craft, played bingo and had a bonfireish night. Bingo was hilarious, they loved it. And the night we were supposed to do the bonfire it was super windy, so we just did hot dogs on the stove and smores in the microwave! Yeah crafty BSU people! It was a really wonderful experience. One of the most humbling things while we were there is that they wanted to love on us so much. Their hearts were geared to serving us, but we were the ones on a "mission trip." I think it's interesting how God reveals himself in times like that, it never ceases to amaze me. I also enjoyed getting to know people better. We had some new people come with us on the trip, and it was wonderful. I learned about their lives and really got to see their "crazy" side. Quiet people are always the most interesting :) But all in all it was wonderful, I was thoroughly blessed and would love to go back sometime!
Spring break is unfortunately over, and I think I'm back to the business of school. I love spring break but hate it all the same. It's this little week of breathing room in the semester, but it also throws me off the school groove. However, Mass Com law slapped me right off the spring break train on Monday, and I have been trying to recover ever since. Well I guess that's really all I have, just wanted to give a little update. Hope you are watching some basketball here in March Madness, there are some wonderful upsets! And a public reminder, don't flush your phone down the toilet, it's bad for its health!

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