Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wonderful People Wednesdays!

I want to dedicate Wednesdays to show appreciation for great people the Lord has placed in my life.
Today is dedicated to the Barb family. Eric and Kelly Barb have been married for a little over a year, and I am so thankful for God bringing them together so we can have them both here at SEMO. God has graciously placed these two people in my life to guide me in leadership positions, befriend me and accept me into their family. I get to meet with Kelly each week to have her guide me in a mentor relationship. I think it's funny because she tells me she doesn't believe she has anything to offer, but I see Jesus working in her and growing her all the time, and I think that gives her a TON to offer. I just want to be around her to experience God using her. She's a great example to younger women who desire to be great wives and women in the Lord. I can see her submission in her marriage and growth through that process. It's really a blessing to see her learning and walking through her faith because it spurs me on in my life. Eric is a great leader and teacher. I really enjoy having the chance to hear him speak about the Lord and what has been placed on his heart each week. It's great to see a leader after the Lord and greatly desiring to seek him. They put the Lord first in their marriage and that's just a great example for us as younger adults to see. I'm greatly encouraged by the way they lay down their lives to allow the Lord to use them as he sees fit. The Barbs are probably the most humble people I've come across in my life, so they would never admit to any of this, but I think many of the people who have crossed paths with them would agree. So, Wonderful People Wednesdays is dedicated to the Barbs this week. I hope you have the opportunity to cross their path sometime to get the blessing.

Story from Germany

I haven't written in a while, but I plan on writing tonight. I wanted to give the link to the story that I wrote about Germany. Here it is, and I will write a post tonight.