Monday, September 21, 2015

Why I couldn't date a vegetarian

I was eating lunch the other day, and I realized all my entire meal was meat. Not just the main entre, but the entire meal. Everything had meat. Meat on meat, if you will. And, at that moment, I realized that I could never date a vegetarian, it wouldn’t work, ever. They would be offended always. I would eat way too much meat in front of them. We would have discussions like, "babe, maybe you should just try to go one meal without eating meat, just one a day." And, I would say something like, "uh, yeah no. That will probably ruin my entire day. I can’t because I value my mental health." Or we would have conversations about the rights of animals, and I would undoubtedly make some snarky remark about finding joy in taking those rights away. I know, you probably think I’m a horrible person at the moment, and hey maybe you’re right, but it’s my defense mechanism. I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable or disagree. I'me working on it, ok? So, I made the decision to save others the trouble and not date vegetarians ever. Lets be honest I say enough offensive things without that pressure in my life. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm back

I haven't posted in a long time, like 2 years long time. I moved, went through a bad breakup, went back to school, got a cosmetology license, bought a new car, and did a lot of other things that seem way more adult than I can handle. But, hey that's what happens when you become an adult, you do way too much and you try to figure out life before you actually know what you're doing. At least that's what I've taken away from adulthood so far. I was talking with a friend yesterday, and I think becoming an adult may be the worst thing I've ever done. Either way, I'm here and 25 is fast approaching. I've been setting some 5 year goals, which also sounds extremely awful, but that's also something adults do right? I don't want to be a full adult or at least I don't want to be a boring one. I guess I'm not that boring, I have a mohawk that's purple, blue and silver. So, I guess I stray from boring. I guess my real fear is being stagnant. I don't want to be a stagnant person. Stagnant equals death to me. I guess this is why people have quarter life crisis moments. They realize they're 5 years from 30 and everyone is pushing traditional marriage views, and all of us don't fit into those views. Nor do we want to. I know I don't want to. I want to travel and be challenged and die doing things that I love. Maybe that's why I'm writing again because I want to do the things I love and that spur me on. Writing is one of those things. Even if no one reads it, it's fine, I just need to write in some other form than my journal. Either way I'm back. So, if you're reading, welcome to the journey for the first time or welcome again. One of my 5 years goals is to post more. Some will be funny, some will be sad, some will be angry, and some will probably make no sense. But, here goes nothing.