Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meticulous March Madness

Well to start off, I would usually be listening to some wonderful music while typing this; however, my computer has decided to blow up and say all sound is no longer working. Great, so no great song quotes today, not that I have given you any in the past, but I was thinking tonight was the night, and since Shakespeare's "Get thee to a nunnery" and "I hate you with the passion of 1000 burning suns" won't fit in within this you're out of luck on the meticulous quoting. Well, I made cheesecake after craving it for about a week. No, it wasn't made with love and care from the own sweat of my brow. It was the $1.70 box that you buy at the store. Which, when you have been craving it for a week is more than wonderful. I am pretty sure I danced around a little after my first bite. So, I have 2 weeks until spring break, and I can tell it's coming. This is because all of my professors realized at the same time. They realized that up until this point they have been too lax on their homework, test and note taking; therefore, they decided to dump it on like a pile of steaming crap! Oh yes, it is March Madness alright not only basketball (where by the way, my favorite team Tennessee-represent- isn't doing all that great) but also at good old SEMO. I am assuming it's like that at all the universities, but I am just feeling the pains here. However, I will survive. I counted today and realized next week I have a total of 5 exams. Yes, that is all of my classes but 1. But I will press on, and press on I must (oh that is from a book HA I snuck a quote in there like it or not!)
I went to a conference over the weekend, where of course I didn't fail to make a fool of myself in videos that we made in the hotel room. Falling off the bed, acting like an animal, all the above. If you are really dying to see them now that I have planted that seed into your head their on Facebook, thanks to my friend Macy. However, I did learn some wonderful things at the conference. It was specifically for leadership. So, some of the BSU leadership team went. Steve Sacconne (who is on podcast at Mosaic if you are into podcast check him out) spoke and he was wonderful. He wrote a book called relational intelligence. It's on my list of Jesus books for the summer, and I hope I get to it. He talked all about relationships and what really helps and hurts them. I think there were 3 things that really stuck out to me. 1. As Christians we often let our humanities get in the way. This is when we really see the barriers in our live. I'm not saying personal barriers, but more of cultural. For example die hard America lovers sometimes see other cultures as less than us, so it can get in the way of loving them. Christ didn't let this happen. 2. All people are looking for one of three things or sometimes all of these three: meaning, intimacy and destiny. This is where the gospel relates to certain people. For me I really realized that meaning is where I related. I think I can see myself in the others as well, but I was really looking for meaning before I came to know Jesus. 3. Discipleship isn't always formal, but it is intentional. I think this one is awesome because I have people in my life I am pouring into. Never before have I seen that as discipleship. I realized it's more than just walking through the bible with someone, or doing "christian" stuff, rather it's living life with them, loving them. Those were the three things that have really been hard on my heart since the conference. It was wonderful.
I may be going to El Salvador this summer. It would be the beginning of my internship with Fruirland. I'm pretty sure it's an all clear. Now, I just need to raise the money. :) God will provide, he always does. Well, I am going to go continue the march madness by studying some Mass Com Law. Oh the joys copyright laws bring to my life (laced with sarcasm). Tennessee plays on the Thursday night, hopefully they can get the big W! Have a wonderful night!

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