Friday, December 14, 2012

Kiddo Convos (4)

Today hasn't been the best day. The kids came home today from a very unstructured day at school, where they got 3 donuts each. They fought all night, back talked and refused to listen. So, I'm thankful for Bedknobs and Broomsticks, circa 1971, right now. Though they haven't been the most obedient children today I'm still thankful for them, and I'm thankful for their safety, especially after the tragedy that CT has seen it makes me want to hug them and remind them I love them even more. I'm also thankful for the laughter they bring to my life, so I wanted to share another Kiddo Convo today because honestly, I need it! I need to laugh, and I'm going to take these quiet moments to do it.

While cooking potatoes for supper:
Reg: Um, yeah his butt is gone.
Alis: Uh Kelso wheres the potatoe's butt?
Me: (laughing) I mean I'm cooking them right now I guess.
Alis: Huh?
Reg: She means Mr. Potato Head's butt.
Me: (laughing) Oh I'm not sure.
Reg: Here it is.
Alis: Well, um, can you put it back on? Unless you want to cook it too.

While the boys were eating breakfast:
Don&Reg: (running) Help!
Me: What?
Don: There's a fart monster in the kitchen.
Me: Excuse me?
Reg: Yeah we were eating and then a fart.
Me: I really have no answer for you.
Don: (as honest as could be) It wasn't me and it wasn't him.
Me: (looking to the kitchen) Uh, yeah still no answer.
Reg: Can you come lo... oh wait I think it was Calie.
Me: (listening) Yes, you're right the cat is farting.
Don: Fart monster, how ridiculous are we?

Eating Pizza for supper:
Ken: Why are you eating those hot dog things.
Me: They are brats, and I'm eating them because I can't have pizza.
Don: Why Diabeetus?
Me: (laughing)

Reg: Hey, what's your name?
Maureen: My name is Maureen.
Reg: Huh that's too bad.

During breakfast:
All kids: Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.
Me: Ok we're done.
Ken: Wait! No! Aliens go to Jupiter to get underwear.
Don: Oh yeah aliens love underwear.
Reg: Oh yeah that's right.

Talking about math and shapes:
Don: Do you know what a spear is?
Me: A sphere, not spear.
Don: Oh yeah. Do you know what a spear is?
Ken: Oh yeah I know what a spear is. It's the thing you hit your horse with.
Me: (laughing)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Da Kids Week

I would say success is when all the kids you're watching are bathed, fed and on the school bus without any melt downs or loss of limbs. I know that's how I felt this morning because this morning started the 7 day stretch of mornings of respite care, and I guess if there was any morning to worry about it should have been this one. But, I guess there always is the surprise factor. :)
I didn't sleep well last night for 2 reasons. 1: The morbidly obese cat at the house pounced (well more like flopped) on the bed at 2 am, making me literally jump out of my covers in attack mode. 2: I was so scared that the kids were going to be late or maybe I had forgotten to do something the night before that I woke up every 2-3 hours. Well the alarm went off at 615 and as usual I laid in bed for 15 minutes until I had to get K up to start her day. She hates that mornings, so it's slow moving. The boys trotted out before 7, so I was grateful for that. We ate, got dressed and even had a little time to play before the bus came. I would say that's a great feat, well at least for me. The start to, what I hope is, an ability to take other kids in.
So, today I feel successful, and I guess we will see how that goes come supper time tonight. Hopefully the same thing is true!
PS: stay tuned for some Kiddo convos, I plan on having some at the end of the week... they're already reeling in the hilarity.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kiddo Convo (3)

I'm not sure what I expect when I spend time with the kids in Columbia, but I know it's hardly ever what happens. These are some thing from this week and last week. The next one I do will probably be all magic because I will be spending an entire week with them while their parents are on a little vacation. That's 24/7 for one week! I can only imagine the surprises that will be in store for me. Until then, enjoy what has transpired from the last 2 weeks of adventure!

While getting ready to eat supper:
Me: And some green beans for you.
Don: Uh no thanks.
Me: Not an option, sorry.
Don: Well this isn't fair.
Me: I know, I know.
Don: Kelso seriously I can't eat this I'm not a herbivore.
Me: (laughing inside) Good use of a large word, but you still have to eat it.
Don: What if I said I was a carnivore? (then explains what the word mean)
Me: I'm glad you've been looking those words up, but the green beans still stand.
Don: Man...

Another time out:
Reg: I'll just explain what I did, and why I am sitting here.
Me: Why? It's not going to get you out of time out.
Reg: But you always ask why I was here when I'm about to get up.
Me: Yes, but that's when your time is up.
Reg: Well we could just skip the time and call it even.

Later on that night at supper:
Reg: Thank you God for all this food and people and the sky and the grass...
Me: (chuckling because when he prays it's usually about 5 minutes and all the kids have started eating by then)
Reg: Oh and before I'm done thank you for Kelso, even if she puts us in time out and doesn't understand.

While standing in the drive way with my crocheting hook in my mouth:
Reg: Kelso! We do not smoke!
Me: (laughing) Well I'm not.
Reg: Then what's that?
Me: It's my crocheting hook.
Reg: Likely story.

Before I was about to leave last night:
Ken: Kelso I don't want you to go, just stay here a little longer.
Me: I have a meeting. I have to go.
Ken: But I don't want you to. Just stay and we can talk.
Me: (feeling loved by her sweetness) Well you will see me all next week, everyday all day.
Ken: Well in that case then... never mind.