Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Practical prayer not so practical

Well, I was thinking, in the midst of not studying, about prayer. I'm not going to tell you my train of thought because you would get very lost. However, I was thinking about praying in front of people and that let to embarrassing things you say in prayers that is something you would say to God on a regular basis but in front of people they will judge you. Well if you know me then I really don't care, so I will say whatever I really want. But, I was thinking about a time that I remember praying and doing my thing and people jumped on the judge wagon. Thought I would share and ask if you can share some of the same stories. I was praying in front of a group of people at Fruitland Community Church. We had just gotten done talking about the Indian Subcontinent, and we ate their food, talked about their religion (mostly Hindu but some Muslims-remember the Hindu for the end of the story it will make it funnier). So I get up there to start this time of prayer that we wanted to have for the subcontinent. I started the prayer how I often start prayers when I get excited. I said "Holy cow God, you are so awesome." Immediately that sent people into laughter, some into gasps of what seemed to be horror and others eyes fly to open position. I will forever remember that day. Not that I have stopped saying that or that I ever will, I was just reminiscing on the time. Do you have a time like this?

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