Sunday, March 27, 2011

Humbling a Soft Heart

I have been attending a missions conference out in Millersville. I have gone for 3 years, and I continue to love it more. I guess it's because I learn a lot, and meet wonderful missionary people. It's great to hear their testimonies about the cultures they are living in, struggles, success etc. This weekend I had to opportunity to meet a family that has resided in Russia for the last 3 years. I have been blessed by their stories, and it makes me even more excited to get onto the mission field full time! I was really humbled by the oldest child they have in their family last night. She's only 12, but she got in front of people who were about the same age as her and shared her testimony. Nervousness was clearly present, but in the midst of that nervousness she said a statement that reminded me why I believe everyone I come in contact with is a teacher. She said, "I feel blessed to be in Russia and be a missionary." She went on to tell stories about her friends that she's made and the sewing class she's in. I really stopped listening for a while, I just couldn't get past what she said. There was no well my parents brought  us to Russia, my parents job in Russia, but she made it clear they were there. She described how she has to share with her friend because she can't come right out and tell them the gospel. I really checked out there. Sitting in my own little world, remembering that no matter where we are in life God will use us as He pleases. I'm always amazed by His glory. One day, if the Lord wills me into full time missions, I pray I'm half the witness that she is. 

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