Sunday, February 6, 2011

Radio Fun

Here I am, sitting at Rage 1037 (if you don't tune in an listen 9-12 sundays you should of at and I figured I would post. My family is listening tonight and my brother has officially decided that I am famous. :) He heard me on the station over the internet and couldn't believe it. It brings great joy to me that he thinks that. I may have not ever been cool in his eyes but I am now! Well today was kind of a big day, I ordered the stuff to put in my dreads. Im doing it and not looking back! But that wasn't the only thing. The Super Bowl! Packers won which was great but what really rocked my mind was the half tim show when Usher (who I have loved for years) came down from the dang ceiling! I screamed as did a friend of mine so I wasn't alone. We jumped up and down too it was pure joy! I am so glad he is coming back on the seen. Well any way a friend of mine Macy Ellsworth is beginning a process of going to Africa. I am so pumped for her, it reminds me of the first time I went to China. She starting to raise support and get all of her applications in. I hope that I will be able to go through the same process sometime in the near future. Only 3 more semesters and then I will be donw with college, and I am hoping God allows me to go for a journeyman or something. But I don't know for sure; I guess I will have to wait and see . I really have nothing else to say. Have a wonderful night, day or afternoon...whenever this catches you!

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