Monday, March 7, 2011

Evie blessings

I went to church yesterday, a usual on my Sunday mornings. I had gone to my hometown of good old Festus MO this weekend, where I spent all day Saturday sick as a dang dog, so I went to my home church. Well I decided to go to Sunday School with my Nana (I had left my car and ridden with a friend- having a car is pretty inconvenient). The women in her class are all in their 50s and above, so of course I felt a little out of place. I also felt a little liberal per-say in some of my beliefs compared to theirs. They began talking about missions, which if a brick wall will listen to me I'll talk about missions all day. They then asked my take on the whole missions, giving and missional support topic. So, I told them, and we had a wonderful discussion. Afterward one of the ladies in her class came up to me and asked me what my address was. After giving her my address she said she wanted to begin supporting me monthly. It's one of those amazing moments when God affirms something in your life that you've been praying about. For the first 2 years of college I knew I was supposed to go anywhere, which at certain times bummed me out. However, God opened the door for me to go to Canada and is opening the door for El Salvador as well. I am also going to apply for the journeyman program. I just think it's amazing the plan that is set in front of us, and we often overlook or get too scared to accomplish it. I was really just kind of blown away by God and how he just let me see that this was really him saying yes. My heart is so passionately on fire for the international people, and I can't wait to go. I just thought it was awesome. So, I guess if you are looking for an answer to something, keep praying and seeking God because maybe the answer will come in the package of a 5' 2'' woman named Evie.

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