Friday, February 4, 2011

Bad hair day

Well, this morning I was blow drying my hair, and I realized something. My parents cursed me. I think secretly they wanted an 80s child. My hair grows at an alarming rate sometimes. Especially when I am blow drying it. I could have took the 80s by the horns and rocked it. However, this is not the 80s and my hair being so big I can hardly make it out of the door is not cool. However, maybe I won't have to worry about that soon. :) Oh yes mom if you are reading this hold on to the desk because remember dreds? I am seriously thinking about them. I think they are so beautiful and yes I am looking at my hair right now and thinking would I miss it how it is? But either way I have wanted dreds for a while and I think it's about time! Moving on. I have been reading Hosea lately (because I decided to take a journey through the minor prophets) and I have been learning a good amount. First, everyone says that he married a prostitute. However, I'm not so sure after studying. She was supposed to be the example of Isreal (if I were her I would have not been too happy). So, like Isreal, she was good at the beginning, follwed Hosea and had children. It wasn't until later that she went off and becam a craze! And then after that Hosea was told by God to take her back.... Just like God took good old Isreal back. Through the last few weeks though reading John, 1Cor, and now Hosea it's just so evident to me that's how we are with God. Sometimes I feel like Isreal. I think my journey with the prophets will be good. Sometimes it's hard and a little embarrassing (like today when my truck Bucky died and my friends had to push me through walmart parking lot) but it's so worth it. I look at Hosea and see how he faithfully followed the Lord, prostitute and all but he never looked back. I want to be like that. Life of singleness, life of missions, trials, bad hair days and doesn't matter.

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