Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Numero Uno

Well, I had a differnt blog but something happened, it blew up so here I am again. Starting a new one. College life = no life really. Studying is my life. And now that I am taking a Mass Com law class that sucks away most of the time I could spend doing other things... :) Well I have a few goals on this blog. 1. actually allow my family to keep up on my life (dad and mom that's to you mostly) 2. give random recipes from the cook books that I am trying out. 3. Try to keep up with this because I think it would be beneficial, being a journalism major they say this is good to do. Well, right now I am going to study the culture of the deaf, which in my creepy prof. language means learning about the anatomy of the ear. Either way, I have to study it. Then probably will look at Mass Com law do a forum and feel a little overwhelmed, but hey I am working my butt off for the good grade in that class. Well here I go, productivity! Bye

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