Friday, November 16, 2012

Jeff City Adventures

What does a girl have to do to get some Indian food in Jeff City? That's all I wanted last night when I got off work. I had been craving it for a while, but I had suppressed the desire because I know cooking it would mean stinking up the house, and I'm pretty sure the family I live with wouldn't really appreciate it. But, yesterday they left, and I knew they would be gone for a few days. Perfect timing, I thought! So, when I got off work a little early, and I didn't have to babysit, I knew all signs pointed to go!
I went to Walmart to buy some necessary things that you need to have the proper Indian meal: parathas, these kind of look like tortillas but different, some needed spices and of course Indian style rice. Well, I struck out there, so I went to Hyvee. No luck. Same for Schnucks. I got desprate, pulled out the trusty Iphone and googled "international food store." An answer to my Indian food dilemma! There was one on the other side of town!
So I was off in Gladys, my trusty minivan, to find this international food store. I hit Jeff City rush hour but nothing would stop me from getting my goods. Nothing, except for the food store no longer being in existence! I was a defeated. My hunt had failed, so like any good book worm does, I went to a used book store to sooth my broken heart. However, on my way to the store, out of the corner of my eye, right next to the Little Ceasers and 60's Love (which reecked of... well I bet you can just guess) I saw a little place called Taste of India. Oh yes, this was it! I didn't stop though, I went to Nancy's Trade a Book and then even to Hastings.
See, I didn't stop because I have a small fear of eating in places alone. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's a fear I have. I'm not really sure when it developed or why, but it's there. When I moved to Jeff City I vowed to work through it. At one time I wouldn't even go to fast food places alone. But, I can now go into places like Chipoltle or Taco Bell and eat all by myself, like a 22-year-old should be able to do.
I had never ventured out to the sit-down-serve-you type places and that's just what Taste of India was. After my Hastings visit, it had been decided, I was going to go and do it alone! I drove, parked and got out of the car. As I walked to the door my mouth went dry when I saw there was NO ONE else eating in the restaurant. (side note, this may scare some people, but if you are not familiar with Indian places their busiest time of day is lunch because they have a buffet and it's a little cheaper. It doesn't mean the foods bad) I got to the door, and I almost turned around to go back to the van. There was a carry out number on their sign, and I thought about chickening out and doing it. No, I was going to be brave. I went in and of course the waiter, who's name was Joshua and we had a good conversation, asked if I would be the only one dinning. He sat me in a booth and took my order. I got my food, and I ate alone.
Now, because I'm a white girl in an Indian restaurant. when I begin to eat with my hands it draws attention. But, my Indian friends in college taught me well, and they made me promise to the rule, when you eat Indian food you must eat with your hands because it tastes better, plus it's cultural. So, I kept the pact. The ladies that worked at the restaurant were, what I would call, gawking at me. I think I must have gotten stage fright because suddenly I was no longer hungry, but I finished what I had put on my plate. I asked for a to go box, paid and then had a lovely conversation with the lady at the register. By the time I made it home I was hungry again, so I finished my leftovers at home. I'm still counting it though! I was there for 25 minutes, and I actually ate alone.
My next step is to eat somewhere like Olive Garden. It still makes my mouth dry to think about that, but I'm working on it. You never know, I may just work up to going to the movies alone...Yeah, I agree, probably not!

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  1. Way to go Kelso! So glad you stepped out, you brave soul. Keep the momentum going my friend. I had no clue you loved Indian food. You are so my girl! You'll have to teach me to eat it with my hands for I have not learned that yet. I would like to try my hand at samosas one day.