Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to get Started

Happy Adoption Month!! I have had some people contact me and ask about how to start finding out how they could adopt, so what better way or time than now? It's excited to have people asking me those questions! There are so many different ways, so I wanted to just give you some links to find more information about the process. I will give more links than just Missouri Heart Gallery links because there are a lot of different ways to do it in Missouri. There's also the option of international adoption, which I will like one thing here because if you are interested in that I want you to have an outlet to start as well! Hopefully these helps some of the questions that have been asked! Don't hesitate to email if you would like even more information!

Missouri Heart Gallery  This will take you to how to get started or look at getting started to be an adoptive parent through them. They have a little bit of a different way of going through the adoption process than some other organizations. 

Missouri Adoption Services This site has some more linked sites and information if you would want to go through the state agency. They talk about the different options that are offered to you as an adoptive parent through the state. They also have private agencies linked from this website that you can look at as well. 

American Adoption Agency This agency is for more than just Missouri. I wanted to put an option on here for if you were looking out of the state of Missouri but still in the U.S. This website can be a little confusing because it's for mothers who want to sign up for giving their babies up for adoption as well. Just go to the "Become a Family" tab and it will take you were you need to go. You can also just request some free adoption papers to give you a taste of what the process will be like. 

Adoption Network Law Center I have not read a lot about this agency personally, but I have heard them talked about a lot in the private adoption realm. You can request a free consultation with a case worker and free information. 

Missouri Alliance  This is the agency I am going through to be a foster parent. I have met some people in my classes that are just going to adopt and they are not going to be foster parents. The specific adoption classes start the first week of December. 

Nelson Family  These are some friends of mine that are currently going through the adoption process and are trying to adopt a baby. Check their blog out, it talks about the process they are going through, and I know they would answer any questions you have about their specific agency. 

Holt International I'm pretty familiar with this organization. They allow you to sponsor children, but their true focus is to get children adopted and to help international adoption flow smoothly. You can check out their website and begin to apply for adoption through them. 

Compassion International You could always look at this website if you would like to help out with a child but cannot commit to fostering or adoption. It's a great organization to help children that are in great need!

I know that's a lot of option but hopefully it helps. Again Happy Adoption Month and if you are beginning the journey, I wish the best to you!

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