Thursday, November 8, 2012

Michael M. and Stacha B.

Michael (6) and Stacha (11) are a sibling group through Missouri Heart Gallery. Michael prefers to be called Mikey, which I think it just precious. He's a pretty outgoing little boy, and he likes what most 6-year-old boys that I've been around lately like, riding his bike, playing with neighborhood kids and board games. Board games are few and far between though because Mikey loves the outdoors so much. Stacha is also an outgoing child, but she's really relaxed. She loves music, which she loves to share with people she meets. So, her iPod is her life! These two currently have no pending family for adoption. If you would like more information about Mikey and Stacha or other children like them please visit  or email

Information from Missouri Heart Gallery
Photo by Melissa Pfannenstiel

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