Friday, December 14, 2012

Kiddo Convos (4)

Today hasn't been the best day. The kids came home today from a very unstructured day at school, where they got 3 donuts each. They fought all night, back talked and refused to listen. So, I'm thankful for Bedknobs and Broomsticks, circa 1971, right now. Though they haven't been the most obedient children today I'm still thankful for them, and I'm thankful for their safety, especially after the tragedy that CT has seen it makes me want to hug them and remind them I love them even more. I'm also thankful for the laughter they bring to my life, so I wanted to share another Kiddo Convo today because honestly, I need it! I need to laugh, and I'm going to take these quiet moments to do it.

While cooking potatoes for supper:
Reg: Um, yeah his butt is gone.
Alis: Uh Kelso wheres the potatoe's butt?
Me: (laughing) I mean I'm cooking them right now I guess.
Alis: Huh?
Reg: She means Mr. Potato Head's butt.
Me: (laughing) Oh I'm not sure.
Reg: Here it is.
Alis: Well, um, can you put it back on? Unless you want to cook it too.

While the boys were eating breakfast:
Don&Reg: (running) Help!
Me: What?
Don: There's a fart monster in the kitchen.
Me: Excuse me?
Reg: Yeah we were eating and then a fart.
Me: I really have no answer for you.
Don: (as honest as could be) It wasn't me and it wasn't him.
Me: (looking to the kitchen) Uh, yeah still no answer.
Reg: Can you come lo... oh wait I think it was Calie.
Me: (listening) Yes, you're right the cat is farting.
Don: Fart monster, how ridiculous are we?

Eating Pizza for supper:
Ken: Why are you eating those hot dog things.
Me: They are brats, and I'm eating them because I can't have pizza.
Don: Why Diabeetus?
Me: (laughing)

Reg: Hey, what's your name?
Maureen: My name is Maureen.
Reg: Huh that's too bad.

During breakfast:
All kids: Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.
Me: Ok we're done.
Ken: Wait! No! Aliens go to Jupiter to get underwear.
Don: Oh yeah aliens love underwear.
Reg: Oh yeah that's right.

Talking about math and shapes:
Don: Do you know what a spear is?
Me: A sphere, not spear.
Don: Oh yeah. Do you know what a spear is?
Ken: Oh yeah I know what a spear is. It's the thing you hit your horse with.
Me: (laughing)

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  1. Thank you for the convos. Gave me a little chuckle on such a sad day.