Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kiddo Convo (3)

I'm not sure what I expect when I spend time with the kids in Columbia, but I know it's hardly ever what happens. These are some thing from this week and last week. The next one I do will probably be all magic because I will be spending an entire week with them while their parents are on a little vacation. That's 24/7 for one week! I can only imagine the surprises that will be in store for me. Until then, enjoy what has transpired from the last 2 weeks of adventure!

While getting ready to eat supper:
Me: And some green beans for you.
Don: Uh no thanks.
Me: Not an option, sorry.
Don: Well this isn't fair.
Me: I know, I know.
Don: Kelso seriously I can't eat this I'm not a herbivore.
Me: (laughing inside) Good use of a large word, but you still have to eat it.
Don: What if I said I was a carnivore? (then explains what the word mean)
Me: I'm glad you've been looking those words up, but the green beans still stand.
Don: Man...

Another time out:
Reg: I'll just explain what I did, and why I am sitting here.
Me: Why? It's not going to get you out of time out.
Reg: But you always ask why I was here when I'm about to get up.
Me: Yes, but that's when your time is up.
Reg: Well we could just skip the time and call it even.

Later on that night at supper:
Reg: Thank you God for all this food and people and the sky and the grass...
Me: (chuckling because when he prays it's usually about 5 minutes and all the kids have started eating by then)
Reg: Oh and before I'm done thank you for Kelso, even if she puts us in time out and doesn't understand.

While standing in the drive way with my crocheting hook in my mouth:
Reg: Kelso! We do not smoke!
Me: (laughing) Well I'm not.
Reg: Then what's that?
Me: It's my crocheting hook.
Reg: Likely story.

Before I was about to leave last night:
Ken: Kelso I don't want you to go, just stay here a little longer.
Me: I have a meeting. I have to go.
Ken: But I don't want you to. Just stay and we can talk.
Me: (feeling loved by her sweetness) Well you will see me all next week, everyday all day.
Ken: Well in that case then... never mind.


  1. This made me smile! Thanks for those.

  2. Kelso, these are absolutely hilarious!!!! They are funny.