Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is this real life?

Before I just into my story, I just wanted to say I'm back. I know, I took a long break, but I am back and ready to write. Quick update, I'm now working in Columbia, MO at an organization called Boone County Family Resources. I work with adults with Developmental Disabilities. I'm still living in the Kearns' home, but there is movement toward the trailer park! (even bought a couch and kitchen table this weekend) Other than that, not a lot of change. Enjoy!!

Last week I had one of those “how in the heck did I get here” moments. No, not one of those “I hate my life, how in the heck did I get here” moments, but a real, “whoa never saw this one coming” and then laugh because God really has a way about him, moments.
It came in the midst of helping a client over the weekend. This client had been having trouble walking all weekend, and I was doing a foot check to see what was going on. Now you may say, and why did this have you wondering about where you are in your life? Well, the realization, or question rather, popped into my head when I realized I was simultaneously eating lunch. I took my lunch into her apartment, took a bite and mid-chew got down on my knees and began prodding her foot. I poked, applied lotion, picked off skin, lifted a callus, got it up close to my face to really get a good look, and there once I swallowed my food it just hit me: “You went to college and got a journalism degree, did you ever think this would be your job, this would be a great passion?” I stood up and laughed, literally out loud, at what had just happened. I realized I was still in my pajamas from the night before. It was hour 30 of my 32-hour shift; I had snot on my pants, foot lotion on my pants, syrup in my hair, which was pushed back by a band into some faux-afro grease ball, and I smelled faintly like hamburger. I was clearly a sight for sore eyes; I’m surprised the guy that had just delivered my Jimmy John’s didn’t jump at such a fine looking woman. 
I love my job. I love going to work and spending my days, or nights, with these people who teach me so much. They teach about loving, giving, forgiving, laughing, grace, humility and not taking yourself too seriously. Of course, there are moments I get overwhelmed or frustrated, but in the end I love it. I always believed the Lord would put me somewhere I could be an advocate for someone, help people in need, assist people in life, but I had never assumed it would be in this field.
So, yet again God has really surprised me with his movement in my life. But, I’m thankful, and amazed this is where I am. Well, that’s all for now, but soon I’ll be writing about why I’m thankful I don’t take myself too seriously. There are a few case scenarios, and of course, they are typical Kelso. 

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