Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Da Kids Week

I would say success is when all the kids you're watching are bathed, fed and on the school bus without any melt downs or loss of limbs. I know that's how I felt this morning because this morning started the 7 day stretch of mornings of respite care, and I guess if there was any morning to worry about it should have been this one. But, I guess there always is the surprise factor. :)
I didn't sleep well last night for 2 reasons. 1: The morbidly obese cat at the house pounced (well more like flopped) on the bed at 2 am, making me literally jump out of my covers in attack mode. 2: I was so scared that the kids were going to be late or maybe I had forgotten to do something the night before that I woke up every 2-3 hours. Well the alarm went off at 615 and as usual I laid in bed for 15 minutes until I had to get K up to start her day. She hates that mornings, so it's slow moving. The boys trotted out before 7, so I was grateful for that. We ate, got dressed and even had a little time to play before the bus came. I would say that's a great feat, well at least for me. The start to, what I hope is, an ability to take other kids in.
So, today I feel successful, and I guess we will see how that goes come supper time tonight. Hopefully the same thing is true!
PS: stay tuned for some Kiddo convos, I plan on having some at the end of the week... they're already reeling in the hilarity.

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