Monday, August 20, 2012

Some things to check out

I wanted to share some books that I am currently reading, and I wanted to give a few links to maybe check out in some spare time. Soon in the future, I will be featuring some friends of mine who are going through the adoption agency. It's funny because we're in the same parts of the process. Just thought I would give you some things to check out if you're interested! Have a fantastic day! 
 This book is in response to some of the universal ideas off hell not existing. It's been quite interesting so far. 

This is another book in response to the "is Hell real" debate. Christopher Morgan and Matt Kearns went to seminary together, so Matt suggested that I read this book. It's really intense, and there is a lot of history about the progression of the debate. It's going to be good, but for sure challenging! 

  I think the cover speaks for its self, but it's about the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and it's amazing so far. Since I am reading 3 books right now, I have said that I will only read this one before bed because it's my "fun" book right now. It's long, but it's kept me up too late some nights because it's very intriguing. 

       The link above is a blog that I've started reading. I just finished her book. It's interesting because in many ways I connect with her. She moved to Uganda, and through a lot of craziness has adopted 14 little girls. I read the book, cried through the whole thing, and I have wanted to keep up with her life. She posts when she gets a free moment between running an organization, raising 14 children and helping need in her village. Check it out. 

     This link is to a site that I found after watching the movie, "The Machine Gun Preacher" with the one the only Gerard Buttler. It was a very odd movie, and I finished feeling pretty empty inside. So, I went to do some research. This guy saves children who have been forced into the army as part of the civil war in Sudan and northern Uganda. His means of doing this are very controversial, but at the same time he's doing a lot of great things. I haven't formed an official opinion on the matter, but I think the result is making a difference there. Also, I think it's worth just visiting the site to read his story of redemption and the children's as well. 

      This link is to a ministry that I firmly believe in. They are doing great work in places throughout the world. It's run by Vernon and Amber Burger (you can follow on twitter at @vernonburger @amberburger @hisvoiceglobal). You can support a child by paying 10 dollars a month, and it can feed that child in an orphanage for the entire month. Only $10! I was amazed! Check them out, they are pretty awesome! 

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