Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anxiously Awaiting

Well, my foster care classes start this Saturday. I'm a little anxious. Anxious with both anticipation and then the nervousness of what lies before me. After finishing the paper work I think it hit me that my time was coming. I have the same fears as I think most mothers do: I'm not going to be good enough, I'm afraid I will ruin them, What if I totally rot as a mom? All those things fly around in my head, but I am reminded of the truths. The truth that God has called me to this, and the truth that He is the one who works all things out for the good of those called according to His purpose. That doesn't mean it's going to be easy, but it means that I am a prisoner of hope (Zechariah 2.9) and that I have hope in the Lord that even in the midst of not being good enough, He is! It's a little overwhelming, but it's so good in the same breath. I am very excited about what lies ahead because God is doing and is going to do great things. I will leave you with some photos I have taken throughout the summer. I did a little photo project with my iPhone, and I really enjoyed it. This is not all inclusive of my project, but it's some I really liked. Enjoy! 

It's easy to pass up the beauty that comes out of
a place that many would call trashy. 

Grace. It's such a vibrant word, and I think
sometimes I allow it to lose it's vibrancy.

There are moments when I see from a different 
perspective. Shimming under the locked stall 
is one of those times. 

Card Wash Only Laundry. The sketchy place where
interns bond and the AC is always broken!

Just another view of Card Wash
Only Laundry. 

This is a typical view of my nightstand. Well, 
usually it has about 3 more books stacked, but you
get the idea. 

This bridge leads into Jeff City. I take it when I am
Columbia. On this day I was doing just that. 

Micah Carson

Avery Carson

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