Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I've realized that taking yourself too seriously is really overrated. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still have a long way to come in, "arriving" at not taking myself too seriously, but I've learned a little. It's made me become a better laugher, a better lover and all around better at seeing the Lord in things. I feel like I would miss out on a lot of great things if I wasn't learning this.
If I took myself too seriously then:

  • When a client coughs and spits toothpaste straight into my mouth, I probably wouldn't be able to laugh at how that possibly could happen.
  • I would have missed an opportunity to dance with a client, I mean full-out unhindered dancing, in the car to Celebrate, and later realize that 5 car fulls of people are staring. 
  • I would continue to feel like I have to beat the guy on the elliptical next to me at the gym. The one who ALWAYS gets on the one right next to mine. 
  • Not be able to laugh when you go on a walk with a client, and she's screaming about a dog's poop, while the owner is right there. And, she is asking, "What's that?" and tries to pick it up.
  • I wouldn't be able to cry with a client when I walk into a her apartment, and she's bawling. When I ask why she's sad, she says, "I'm not sad Miss Kelsa. I'm happy because of you and Miss Kendall." 
  • I may watch more sad things because it's "real life." But, that's not going to start happening. 
  • I wouldn't learn as much from my clients. 
  • Talking out loud to myself in Gerbs may actually embarrass me. 
  • Being a regular at Chipoltle wouldn't be so cool to me. 
  • I may have never known the beauty of shouting in the gym over a soccer game. (It really is invigorating, no wonder gym screamers do it)
  • I Would limit the amount of times I listen to Ed Sheeran, Match Box Twenty or Mumford and Sons on repeat. 
  • I would actually learn how to spell words like permanent, beautiful, Wednesday and hilarious without having to say Wed-nes-day.
In all honestly, I would probably miss out on a lot of great things in life. I want to embrace learning this more because, I believe, it will make me a better servant. Hopefully, later on down the road I can write out another list in my journal of things that once bothered me or where pride crept in and robbed the Spirit of living through me, and say "Wow, that bothered you. Seriously!?"

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