Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wonderful People Wednesdays

Angela Carson is who this Wonderful People Wednesdays is dedicated to. I've had the pleasure of getting to know this woman over the course of the summer and continuing for what I can only hope is a lifetime.
There are some interesting things I've learned from her, while watching her live a true and open life before me. 1 thing I've learned is there's something to be said about being transparent even when it hurts. It doesn't always feel good to be open and honest about your life. When her kids are having major melt downs in public or her house isn't put together quite as she would like it, she presses on. Yeah, it would probably be way easier for her to have us think that Micah, Avery and Elle never cry or throw fits. It may even be easier for her if we continue to think that she has everything together every minute of the day. But, instead of hiding  and shying away from what's really going on and just put on another mask for another day, she opens those hard times to really do life with me.  I've seen the realness that she brings, and it's refreshing. It's calming, and it's challenging. I'm challenged to be honest with my life because I see what it really means to "Go First" by watching her.
I love the heart she has for resting in God's unfailing love and forgiveness, and her heart for what true humility is and what it brings. It's also been really good for me to see her being a wife to Jeff. I've never heard 1 bad thing about Jeff from her mouth, and in today's culture that's far a few between. I love to sit under her and listen to the wisdom that God has bestowed upon her, and to see that she is always striving for more. I am thankful for the time and effort she takes to spend time with me, teach me about motherhood and just talk about what God is teaching her and ask me what I'm learning. She's even been so kind to keep a look out for some things I will need when I move into my own place (and for that I'm forever thankful because there are some things I would never think about). She's a remarkable woman, all encompassing, and if you ever get the chance to spend a little time with her, take it! Don't miss out because I'm telling you, you will be blessed!

This image isn't mine I used it from Angela's facebook.
I thought it explained the Carson family well. 
[Hope you don't mind that I used it :)]

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