Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photos in the Afternoon

I took my lovely roomie, Amy Ahrens, on a photo shoot this afternoon. She's such a good sport! She hates dressing up, but she did it for me! I haven't edited these yet, so they are straight out of the camera. I just wanted to share! Enjoyed the challenge of this shoot. Enjoy!

This is one of the shots where Amy couldn't stop laughing, I love getting her in that comfortable place because it makes some great photos. 

This one and the two below I have titled the River Dance because she was interpretive dancing with the flowers before we went into the river. 

I made her get in the middle of the water because I love the serenity of it. I follow a photographer that often does this with her subjects to see what they will do. Interesting I must say. 

At this point the chair started sinking, so we had to get creative. Loved this shot that I caught. I've called it the Wading Act. 

The Sojourner 

This was really just a shot I got while adjusting my camera. I wouldn't use it for reprint, but I think it's Amy just acting crazy, so I wanted to share. 

I think she looks a little like Jane Goodall here

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  1. As always some great photos. The water shots are fantastic. She is a good subject for you.
    ~Auntie M