Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stepping In

You stepped in when you didn’t have to
You had already done the job you were meant to do
But you cared
I wore your t-shirts, pulled your mustache, sat in the seat of your car
You taught me how to fish, which is my favorite thing by far
You sat through my games, went to my meets
You watched me perform, you watched me compete
Before I could drive, you played chaffer
School, parties, friends, I’m sure it’s just a blur
But, I remember the times you showed me more grace than I deserved
You showed me what it looked like to be served
I still see that now
When my car breaks down, when I’ve had a bad week
Often it’s your comfort that I seek
You always have the answers or the right thing to say
No matter when I rapid-fire call, no matter what time of day
I’m often a mess, I cry, and I fail
But, either way your love, it always prevails
You challenge me with questions about God
You don’t make it easy, you poke and you prod
You helped shape me into who I am today
And, I can only imagine all the things you could say
But, I doubt you would because you rarely do
Often I’m thankful for that, too
Your humility is what makes you great
You listen and you don’t berate
I’m thankful for the love and the care
I can imagine most of my acts of stupidity were too much to bare
I know it can’t be easy to be where you are
However, I’m grateful for you by far
Thank you Papa for letting me see
What greatness is really supposed to be

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